Visit the grapes

2.700 hours of sunshine, adorable old stone villages, the captivating azure of the sea. 

Olive groves, palm, lemon, orange and fig trees, cypresses and sun kissed vineyards.

The smell of thyme, sage, rosemary and of course lavender.

Jetset, Parties and huge yachts, but at the same time pine forests, karst and plenty of islands!


For your trip to Croatia we have not only a lot of advice, but also the travel program:

See where the wine comes from, how much heart and hands-on work have gone into each bottle, get to know the winemakers and of course taste their wines.


We organise trips to visit "our" winemakers - contact with the skin of our grapes. For example to:


BIBICh Winery, close to Skradin

Vinarija Tomac, Jastrebarsko close to Zagreb

Ivo Duboković, Island of Hvar

Vina Sladić, close to Skradin

Saint Hills, Peninsula of Pelješac


Transfer & accommodation included, if you like.


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