Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Croatia
High quality oil obtained directly from olives by mechanical treatment only.
LIV is olive oil of the indigenous variety Oblica.
The oil is pleasantly spicy, of moderate sharpness, slightly bitter, slightly sweet and very fruity.
Aromas of fresh grass, herbs and tomatoes.
Hand picked by olive grower Mate and his family near Marina in Dalmatia. Within 12 - 24 hours cold pressed.
For intense freshness LIV was harvested early and still green.
The early harvest in October provides low yields but high quality.
Limited edition, high quality and healthy!


500 ml

LIV - Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Croatia

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Stella Croatica olive tapenade


Green is healthy!


The healthy content of olives and their products decreases during ripeness of the fruits.

Unfortunately the commercial fruit increases in this process... more oil, more outcome...


For this reason: Green, chopped olives, salt, olive oil, pine nuts - no need for anything else. 


Enjoy it as pesto or spread!

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Nadalina Olive Spread


Sustainable snack!


Cocoa flavoured with Dalmatian olive oil - who needs something like this?


We like it. And people at the London Borough Market as well...


For one, it does not consist of 80% of sugar.

Secondly there´s no need to cut the rainforest for cheap palm oil.

And in the end it tastes phenomenal! Anything but merely sweet.


Split based confectioner Marinko Biškićs produces this spread and entered the Guinness Book for the largest dark chocolate in the world.



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Ostojić fig cake

Ancient power bar!



Yet lovely Abigail bribed King David with 200 fig cakes to save her husband...

People used to form cakes from dried figs already 1.000 B.C.!


Looking closely at figs we see what makes it popular and placated King David:

100% organic, vegan and so healthy, this fruit rather be sold at the pharmacy! 


It´s great with cheese, dark chocolate or simply pure, if your blood sugar level is out of control.

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