Off the beaten track

GRAPE FOOD that´s Anne and Pero Škojo. Born and raised in Germany, family roots in Croatia, we feel this optimism in many of our trips and visits firsthand. Personal interest formed an idea. The idea led to contacts. Those contacts grew our solidarity for Croatian winemakers and the passion for their wines. With GRAPE FOOD we want to share this.


The new generation of Croatian winemakers today cultivates about 60 of the old indigenous grape varieties. Instead of following fads, they return to traditional cultivation practices:


Biodynamic or organic production, without the official label - just by nature. Hands-on work with minimal human intervention, wild yeasts.


Boutique Winemaker and family wineries produce in this way small batches of high-quality wines. Raw. Exceptional.

That makes Croatian wine so exciting.


We visited many wineries and tasted more wines. Some of the best are available in our online store.


It is worth to take some courage. Follow us. Off the beaten track.


Anne & Pero